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Freedom Frequency

Personalized one-on-one business support from Barbara, created for your needs and to fit your lifestyle.

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My Entrepreneurial Story

I have been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember and I have loved money and known the value of it for as long as I can remember. One of my earlier memories that always stuck with me was when my great-aunt gave me a $100 bill. I said to my family "Barbara has money, Barbara buys what she wants" - and for a young child to be that aware of this concept, well that certainly is something!

Entrepreneurship always came naturally to me despite the fact that I did not come from a line of entrepreneurs. I always looked for ways to create an income or make an income. When I was young, I was most definitely the kid who sold lemonade to make some money! Later, this manifested into a math tutoring business on campus. Eventually, I started an online fashion blog on Instagram and learned to ins and the outs of online marketing. This landed me some pretty great opportunities within the Toronto fashion scene. I met some high profile musicians and producers and even styling photoshoots. Later, I started my own mobile yoga business in the GTA and even my own Reiki practice out of a wellness center. In late 2019, I started migrating my business online and as soon as 2020 hit, it was the perfect opportunity to seize the online momentum. I have successfully transitioned my business online, built a following and now help other entrepreneurs transition their businesses online.

Now, all of this did not happen overnight. It was definitely a journey and a process. I worked several jobs both part-time and full-time (13, to be exact !!) to achieve the freedom of being a full-time entrepreneur. I studied math and economics in school and as soon as I completed my second degree I knew it was highly important to surround myself with entrepreneurs so I can learn the ins and the outs of running your own business - so I did! I have now been a full-time entrepreneur for 2 years.

Through my clients, I have noticed a current gap and struggle with their business is the online aspect of it.

So this is where Freedom Frequency comes in. In this 3-month intensive program, I will be your guide to assist you with transitioning your business online while learning the ins and outs of business.

There is a minimum of a 3-month commitment for this program and it is $1,007 USD/month.

  • Why is the commitment 3 months?
    3 months is the perfect amount of time to learn the basics of running your own online business and creating a structure routine for yourself.
  • How often are our sessions?
    We meet once a week for 60-minute sessions through Zoom
  • What does one session typically look like?
    We start off the program by figuring out your strengths and weaknesses in terms of our business to see where we can focus more energy. We work together by creating goals, milestones, learning how to market online, learning about business funnels and more.
  • What do I need to do between sessions?
    In between sessions, it is a good practice to apply whatever was agreed upon during our 60-minute session. We will set weekly goals and look at the progress and see what area may need more assistance with growth. You can also note down any questions that you may have and we will go over them at the beginning of the session.
  • What topics will we cover?
    - Creating a structure for your business - Creating a marketing strategy for your business - Understanding marketing funnels - Time management - Creating a schedule - Seeing where your strengths are and how to allocate them. - Spreading your wealth - ways to create passive income and other streams of income.
  • What is your guidance style like?
    My teaching style is honest, intuitive and very straight-forward. I combine my guidance with spiritual and energetic knowledge, so we just may discover some internal blockages throughout this program!
  • Where does your knowledge stem from?
    I have been in the entrepreneurship world for 6 years now. In those 6 years, my busiesses have grown and evolved not only as I have, but as the times have as well! I have completed two degrees one in Mathematics (BSc.) one in Economics (BA). I was a self-employed stylist for almost three years but always had an interest for holistic healing. I completed all 3 levels of Reiki and eventually I started my mobile Yoga studio in 2018 where I taught all forms of Yoga including kids Yoga. Simultaneously, I started my own Reiki practice out of a wellness center in 2019. Since then I have successfully transitioned my business online onto various social media platforms and now help entrepreneurs transition theirs.

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